Sunday, September 26, 2010

Ever wondered why?

I think about it everyday...for every second that I'm awake. Maybe I'm just a dreamer, who wants it all but will never reach the finish line. Time is a teacher who decides the outcome for which anything can unfold. I think about my purpose or a career I'm destined to pursue. What I know is that I really enjoy bringing happiness to those who really need it. If I can put a smile on someone's face, help that person out in some way or make their life just a bit easier than I have fulfilled my purpose. Unfortunately more often I am not needed and its quite disheartening when all I want to do is help. Is it wrong for wanting to make a difference or shall I say an impact on the world. Deep inside there's this feeling pressing down on me its screaming do something and get out there! However I fear sometimes that I never will reach my potential or do all the things I want to do before my life is through.  None the less giving up is not an option for me I will prevail for all that I stand for and all that I am. The weight of life is on my shoulders, its like a big backpack that I simply can't put down. The person I am today is not who I was a few years ago. It's the people, places, and, events that have formed mind, body and, soul. Isn't it strange to look at pictures from years ago comparing yourself then to yourself now? What goes through my mind is how much I have changed and learned since that time period. My philosophy is that everything happens for a reason whether good nor bad it was meant to happen to effect one's life a certain way so other things can come together and make up that persons' destiny. Therefore life is what you make it so if you think you're going to fail you probably will. It's better to be optimistic I'm really starting to learn that what I do effects others, so ms. negativity has to change which in actuality will make not only make myself happier but those around me. To all of you out there never give up because you'll never know your full potential if you do... Have you ever wondered why?

Friday, September 24, 2010

A Trip to Hoboken, Nj

   Although I do live in Nj it took me an hour or so to get to Hoboken. Thanksfully my boyfriend was kind enough to drive us there and save me the hassel. There just was something I had to see, or had to eat should I say. I waited 2 hours in a line full of people outside of Carlos Bakery( The Bake Boss) for those of you who are unfamilar with the tv show. It was very hot day and of course I decided to wear jeans go figure...anyway I wanted to go there ever since I saw the first episode. It was a dream come true well sort of. We had to pick a number to order and once we did, it took another hour for our number to be called. Browsing the gorgeous looking pastries and cakes I hear the crowd of people behind me scream Buddy!(Cake boss) I look towards the comotion then turn back around to see Buddy's legs running up the steps, I can't believe I missed him! Somebody's big head was in the way and my short stature did not help. Forunately the desserts made up for my dissapointment. We ordered 5 Cannoli's, 2 chocolate covered strawberries, an italian cream cake and a vanilla cake with buttercream and strawberry filling YUM! The bill: $100...but definitely worth it.