Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A small cupcake in this BIG world

Whoever coined the expression " it was a piece of cake," was a bit oblivious to reality. Nothing in life is or was ever easy. Okay so maybe some thing are... if your rich, or get really lucky. I am neither, which would be fine if I were a small child and still thought money grew on trees. Anything and everything is moving quickly but sloth-like at the same time. Don't underestimate the pressures young adults go through with school, work or family. A stranger may glimpse at you and think to him or herself, that other person's life seems pretty good, her hair is perfect, she seems so happy ( ya ta ya ta whatever the case may be.) In actuality that girl pretends to be happy to make others happy, makes a fuss over her appearance to be a decent image in the eyes of others to not hear criticism(she gets enough at home.) As said by someone famous(the hell should i know) he/she believes you should not judge a book by it cover. There is more to the naked eye, the underlying meaning that many overlook. I am more than meets the eye, I have goals and dreams that could benefit others if only were given the chance. I have no clue where to start and currently zero motivation to get me going. please tell me someone else cares... a stranger that believes in me?

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Wonderous Beauty

Being a female isnt easy whoever said otherwise was undoubtly wrong. One step out of the house and eyes are on you. People will study your curves, your body language, the way you laugh or speak. Women judge women and men judge women.It's one battle you simply cant win, unless you have a lot of money. So hit the gym.. skinny women are "perfection", tanned body is a must, and for a bonus breast enhancement. Motivation is watching celebrities on E! hottest countdown and victoria's secret model's fashion show. Impossible expectations for the average income women who HAS no choice but to do what it takes to live up to the expectation otherwise feel the shame.
When it comes to dating there are a few rules one has to follow:
- Never complain
- Don't be upset if he doesnt think your anniversary is important or he goes away for vacation without you every three months
-Do everything for him and expect nothing in return otherwise you'll get your heart broken
-If he doesnt talk to you for a couple of days pretend like thats okay
- Better yet just be a robot

Its too bad im human.. I have feelings they are often hurt. I try to do it all but feel ten steps behind everytime. So heres a list of things to not do:
-Tan at a salon in a bed for more than 20 minutes
-Pretend like everything is fine when its not
-Do more for others than they will ever do for you
-Not eat for 4 days due to depression

Too bad i've done all those things in more. Maybe in a few years ill change...Ill find the perfect balance in myself. Maybe one day i will be good enough

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Crispy Peanut Butter Chocolate Truffles


8 ounce package cream cheese
1/2 jar creamy peanut butter
1/4 cup granulated sugar
1/4 cup chocolate chips (to be melted)
4 cups confectionary sugar
1/2 cup chocolate chips (not melted)

1.       In stand mixer combine cream cheese and peanut butter until smooth. On low speed add granulated sugar, and then turn off mixer.
2.       Place ¼ cup chocolate chips in small microwave safe bowl and put in microwave for 30 second intervals stirring after each until thoroughly melted.
3.       Pour into peanut butter mixture and turn on low speed. Gradually add 1 cup of confectionary at a time until combined, scraping edges occasionally. Finally stir in ½ cup chocolate chips and place in freezer for ten minutes to set up.
4.       Line baking two baking sheets with parchment paper and set aside. Take out batter from freezer and roll walnut sized balls. 
3 cups chocolate rice Krispy cereal
1/4 cup confectionary sugar

1.      Fill plastic zip bag with cereal and confectionary sugar. Close bag and shake well. Lay on counter and using something hard bang cereal into smaller crumbles; then set aside.
2.      Put balls two at a time in zip bag, then close and shake until it is fully coated.
3.      Place on baking sheets once coated. Allow to set up in freezer another 10 minutes.

1/4 cup chocolate chips
2 tablespoons shortening

1.       Right before the peanut butter chocolate truffles come out of freezer, melt the chocolate and shortening in microwave safe bowl for 30 second intervals stirring after each until thoroughly melted.
2.       Drizzle on top of truffles and place back in freezer for 5 minutes.
3.       Serve immediately or store in refrigerator in air tight container for up to a week.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Culinary bucket list


-cream puff
-lobster tails

-7 layer bar
-Ginger snap cookie
-Fortune cookie

Yeast/ Bread goodies:
-Pepperoni bread
-Cheese rolls
-Cinnamon bread

-Italian Cream
-Red velvet
-Black forest
-German chocolate
-Angel food
-Double layer pie cake
-Petite fours
-Flaming strawberry cupcake
-Jewish apple cake

-Cobbler(apple, peach etc)
-Fruit tart
-Key lime

-baked Alaska
-Ice cream cake(tiramisu)
-Ice cream sandwhich

Custurd/ Puddings:
-Bread pudding(apple bread pudding)
-Banana pudding


-Peanut brittle


Main course:

-Stuffed Shells
-Eggplant/ Veal parmesan
-Homemade noodles
-Chicken caccitore
-Chicken cordon bleu
-Chicken marsala
-Stuffed Turkey
-Steak Diane
-Pot roast
-Shrimp Scampi

-chicken noodle
-Pasta figioli
-Beef stew


-Garlic roasted potato wedges(not garlic tho)
-Sweet potato fries
-Stuffed mushrooms
-Crab cakes
-Stuffed bell peppers
-Potato skins


-Ricotta pancakes
-Perfect omelete
-Hash browns
-Poached eggs

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Female and Male Evoluionary Standpoint

I recently learned that no matter how much you do for someone or what you sacrifice for that person, it will not guarentee happiness. Most of my life i have been a people pleaser to my friends, family or a boyfriend. Time after time i am dissappointed or feel underappreciated by the people i love. I have come to a few conclusions; everyone will walk all over you, you have to be selfish to be in a a relationship for it to work, people in this world are screwed up. Many girls will be with douch bags and and stay with the guy even if he has done her wrong. But the nice guy always finishes last, i guess because women like to walk over men. Think about it women used to have less freedom, they couldn't vote, their place was in the kichen, and few jobs to choose from back in the day. Since then things have changed, women now have more power then men ever before and are instinctively out for revenge on the males. Imagine a girl with a nice guy, the revengeful girl leaves him for a douchbag, she then switches position and becomes the nice girl to the douch. Women cannot trust any guy if your nice because its to good to be true. This is our hurt us before(past generations) who says you wont do it again? The messed up thing is that we are attracted to the asshole because this is all we have ever known, it hurts far more to be hurt by the nice guy. The males cant help themselves they are trained to believe they are the head of the household and always has to be in control of everything. A few reasons as to why their is actual nice guys in this world could be because he has no male rolemodel in his life or he is a momma's boy. Maybe if we all cut the bullshit and treated one another as equals then the divorce rate would be lower than 50%. WHAT A FUCKED UP WORLD WE LIVE IN.