Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A small cupcake in this BIG world

Whoever coined the expression " it was a piece of cake," was a bit oblivious to reality. Nothing in life is or was ever easy. Okay so maybe some thing are... if your rich, or get really lucky. I am neither, which would be fine if I were a small child and still thought money grew on trees. Anything and everything is moving quickly but sloth-like at the same time. Don't underestimate the pressures young adults go through with school, work or family. A stranger may glimpse at you and think to him or herself, that other person's life seems pretty good, her hair is perfect, she seems so happy ( ya ta ya ta whatever the case may be.) In actuality that girl pretends to be happy to make others happy, makes a fuss over her appearance to be a decent image in the eyes of others to not hear criticism(she gets enough at home.) As said by someone famous(the hell should i know) he/she believes you should not judge a book by it cover. There is more to the naked eye, the underlying meaning that many overlook. I am more than meets the eye, I have goals and dreams that could benefit others if only were given the chance. I have no clue where to start and currently zero motivation to get me going. please tell me someone else cares... a stranger that believes in me?

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