Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Wonderous Beauty

Being a female isnt easy whoever said otherwise was undoubtly wrong. One step out of the house and eyes are on you. People will study your curves, your body language, the way you laugh or speak. Women judge women and men judge women.It's one battle you simply cant win, unless you have a lot of money. So hit the gym.. skinny women are "perfection", tanned body is a must, and for a bonus breast enhancement. Motivation is watching celebrities on E! hottest countdown and victoria's secret model's fashion show. Impossible expectations for the average income women who HAS no choice but to do what it takes to live up to the expectation otherwise feel the shame.
When it comes to dating there are a few rules one has to follow:
- Never complain
- Don't be upset if he doesnt think your anniversary is important or he goes away for vacation without you every three months
-Do everything for him and expect nothing in return otherwise you'll get your heart broken
-If he doesnt talk to you for a couple of days pretend like thats okay
- Better yet just be a robot

Its too bad im human.. I have feelings they are often hurt. I try to do it all but feel ten steps behind everytime. So heres a list of things to not do:
-Tan at a salon in a bed for more than 20 minutes
-Pretend like everything is fine when its not
-Do more for others than they will ever do for you
-Not eat for 4 days due to depression

Too bad i've done all those things in more. Maybe in a few years ill change...Ill find the perfect balance in myself. Maybe one day i will be good enough

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