Saturday, February 5, 2011

Female and Male Evoluionary Standpoint

I recently learned that no matter how much you do for someone or what you sacrifice for that person, it will not guarentee happiness. Most of my life i have been a people pleaser to my friends, family or a boyfriend. Time after time i am dissappointed or feel underappreciated by the people i love. I have come to a few conclusions; everyone will walk all over you, you have to be selfish to be in a a relationship for it to work, people in this world are screwed up. Many girls will be with douch bags and and stay with the guy even if he has done her wrong. But the nice guy always finishes last, i guess because women like to walk over men. Think about it women used to have less freedom, they couldn't vote, their place was in the kichen, and few jobs to choose from back in the day. Since then things have changed, women now have more power then men ever before and are instinctively out for revenge on the males. Imagine a girl with a nice guy, the revengeful girl leaves him for a douchbag, she then switches position and becomes the nice girl to the douch. Women cannot trust any guy if your nice because its to good to be true. This is our hurt us before(past generations) who says you wont do it again? The messed up thing is that we are attracted to the asshole because this is all we have ever known, it hurts far more to be hurt by the nice guy. The males cant help themselves they are trained to believe they are the head of the household and always has to be in control of everything. A few reasons as to why their is actual nice guys in this world could be because he has no male rolemodel in his life or he is a momma's boy. Maybe if we all cut the bullshit and treated one another as equals then the divorce rate would be lower than 50%. WHAT A FUCKED UP WORLD WE LIVE IN.

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