Friday, September 24, 2010

A Trip to Hoboken, Nj

   Although I do live in Nj it took me an hour or so to get to Hoboken. Thanksfully my boyfriend was kind enough to drive us there and save me the hassel. There just was something I had to see, or had to eat should I say. I waited 2 hours in a line full of people outside of Carlos Bakery( The Bake Boss) for those of you who are unfamilar with the tv show. It was very hot day and of course I decided to wear jeans go figure...anyway I wanted to go there ever since I saw the first episode. It was a dream come true well sort of. We had to pick a number to order and once we did, it took another hour for our number to be called. Browsing the gorgeous looking pastries and cakes I hear the crowd of people behind me scream Buddy!(Cake boss) I look towards the comotion then turn back around to see Buddy's legs running up the steps, I can't believe I missed him! Somebody's big head was in the way and my short stature did not help. Forunately the desserts made up for my dissapointment. We ordered 5 Cannoli's, 2 chocolate covered strawberries, an italian cream cake and a vanilla cake with buttercream and strawberry filling YUM! The bill: $100...but definitely worth it.

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